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Tendencies that will mark to the design Web in 2019

If you are thinking about renewing your Web or you want to create a new one, they can interest the tendencies to you in design Web for 2019. It remembers that not only we must be based on tendencies at the time of designing our Web, since the visual part is so important as everything what we do not see. The Web must be functional€¦

The Corporative Identity

To have a defined corporative identity is basic so that the company gives unit image, reason why we would have to consider several important aspects if we want that our company emphasizes. Although generally one lie down not to develop a Manual of Corporative Identity when it is created or a company renews, we must have€¦

Last project

We are completing the details of the new Web of the Restaurant Argentino Malambo ' s. We have renewed its image completely and turned its new Web into a dynamic tool, that causes that the futures at the table can accede to everything what the restaurant offers them from your mobile or tablet. Also we give a privileged place to the networks€¦