Pantone Greenery Color of the 2017

Today we spoke of the color, in particular of the €œGreenery€, chosen PANTONE 15-0343 as color of the 2017.

Pantone Greenery color of year 2017

While people in the modern life submerge more, greater it is its innate desire to sink in the physical beauty and the inherent unit of the natural world. This change is reflected in the proliferation of all the things that express Greenery in the daily life by means of the urban planning, the architecture, the lifestyle and the options of design at world-wide level. A constant in the periphery, the green one is now removing to the vanguard €“ it is an omnipresent shade anywhere in the world.

€œGreenery explodes in 2017 to give the tranquillity us that we yearned for in the middle of a boisterous social and political atmosphere. Satisfying our increasing desire to rejuvenate and to revitalize, it symbolizes the reconexi³n that we looked for with the nature, some to others and an intention

Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of Pantone.

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