The Corporative Identity

To have a defined corporative identity is basic so that the company gives unit image, reason why we would have to consider several important aspects if we want that our company emphasizes.
Although generally one lie down not to develop a Manual of Corporative Identity when it is created or a company renews, we would have to consider a series of you rule to maintain our professionalism and competitiveness.
1. Itself we have corporative Web and some elements of corporative stationery store, as calling cards, we will try to use the same typographies, same outstanding colors and, by all means, same logo in his correct proportion. It is common to see deformed logos, for example, in e-mail companies, where usually they are forced so that they adapt to a size that does not correspond with its proportion.

2. Although the logo can have several forms of presentation (vertical, horizontal, with text, only the symbol, etc) we will try to respect the main format as far as possible. Sometimes it is necessary to use several formats in a same platform, as it can happen in Web. In the width of screen of computer or tablet it can have a composition different from the movable format, much more small, but always respecting the general image, so that he is recognizable by the spectator.

3. The applications of the elements of the corporative identity can be very diverse, since sometimes it is necessary to create a more complete and showy corporative atmosphere, as it can be a stand or a congress. In these cases we also played with the space, reason why we will have much more freedom of creation, since all the information does not have to be concentrated in the same surface and the corporative colors happen to be an element in himself in these spaces.

In one of our last projects you can see as of the idea of a logo, was born the complete image for a congress at national level, with elements as lecterns, pamphlets, agendas or screens.
You can see his Web here.
Some images of Soce Seville 2018: