Tendencies that will mark to the design Web in 2019

If you are thinking about renewing your Web or you want to create a new one, they can interest the tendencies to you in design Web for 2019. It remembers that not only we must be based on tendencies at the time of designing our Web, since the visual part is so important as everything what we do not see. The Web must be functional and simple for the user, where the usability is as important as the design in himself. Also it is it to use graphical elements of quality, or are images, gifs or videos, that will mark to the first impression of the user/client.

Since we have already been able to verify during the 2018, the color will have a fundamental paper and protagonist, as much in blocks of color as in degraded. In addition shining colors will be used.
The color of year 2018 has been the Pantone 18-3838 Extreme Violet, reason why we can be made an idea than it is about to arrive.

Color of the year. Extreme Pantone Violet
Color of year 2018

The modular designs and the complete screen videos will replace the present way to show the basic information of the companies, turning it into something dynamic and much more showy. As far as modular designs, it is only necessary to throw a look to Pinterest to clearly see a tendency the rise.

The done typographies by hand and the minimalism continue winning following, reason why it will not be difficult to see proliferate transparent bellboys, reduced menus, and see grow the space between the main elements, reducing therefore the sensation of disorder that can bring about the modular designs.

Modular design in Pinterest
Modular design in Pinterest

Finally, but not less important, the priority of the visibility in mobile and protocol SSL.
It is evident that the mobile has become an appendix more at the time of relating to us to the outside, for that reason is so important that your Web is seen perfectly in all the devices. As far as the importance of the protocol SSL, Google one has put the batteries and €œit awards€ that your Web is HTTPS with a SEO improvement, in addition when your Web is not it, the navigators mark your Web with HTTP as nonsafe. We think that most important it is to give to security and confidence to the users when they are interacting with the Web.

Protocol SSL Google
Protocol SSL

This it is a brief summary of everything what is about to come next year, but you have doubts or you do not know of where to begin to create your Web, Natural Pixel is in favor to your service.